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Our familiarity with technology and the local job market allows us to provide rapid, targeted, recruiting efforts.
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Relationship-Driven Recruiting

Our focus on building and maintaining real relationships allows us to contact and vet the best people for each job quickly. Our team also leverages these relationships to better understand the technical landscape, and attract candidates for even the most complex roles, including engineering leadership, DevOps, Product Management, Mobile, QA, Design, and Software Engineers of all stripes. Our candidates understand we value and appreciate their long term career goals, which creates a higher degree of engagement when we draw their attention to a matching client.

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Wit Ventures is a matchmaker-from-heaven for careers. Their secret sauce is that they take the time to make perfect matches between company and candidates.
—Betina Chan-Martin, Head of Product HITRECORD
Venture-backed startups & publicly traded tech companies.
Software Engineering. DevOps.  QA.  Product.  Operations.  Marketing.  Mobile Development.  Design.  


Contingency Recruiting

With contingency recruiting you pay a placement fee only for successful hires. This works best if you are looking for support on 1-4 roles at a time. If you need to fill more roles quickly, or believe you need unique support inquire about our customized recruiting services.

Custom Recruiting Programs

Our team can customize a recruiting plan for your unique needs, such as a large number of roles or extremely difficult searches. These programs can utilize include retainer models, onsite support, or volume discounts.

Our Mission

Recruiting is one of the biggest challenges facing any growing organization. At Wit Ventures, our mission is to reverse the trend of noisy, high-volume, and low-content recruiting tactics by building real and trusting relationships with the best candidates in a variety of fields. We offer guidance and information rather than a barrage of job postings.  We simultaneously strive to understand our client’s needs, their culture, and match candidates who are excited to join their team.
“I have worked with Wit Ventures over the past few years as both a candidate and a hiring manager.  I have found them to be professional, trustworthy, and importantly, to keep the best interests of their clients in mind.  I highly recommend working with them.” —Aaron Craig, Sr. Engineering Manager, Endpoint Closing

Our Clients

Wit Ventures is a great strategic partner for us!  They help us think carefully about key roles and take our budget and quality targets very seriously.  They think like business owners and that makes them very easy to work with. I highly recommend their services.
—Grant Hosford, Co-founder & CEO, CodeSpark


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Our Team

Our team of recruiters focuses on quality over quantity, and on relationships that span years, rather than transactional volume tactics.  Our team loves what they do, and sees each job as an opportunity to further the careers and businesses of the people we work with.
Matt DeWit
Founder & CEO
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Johnny Huynh
Lead Technical Recruiter
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Sabrina Puente
Technical Recruiter
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“Wit Ventures is the one firm I always come back to as I change roles.  Their deep connection with talent and companies in LA has always resulted in finding really strong talent.” —Alejandro Cantarero, CTO, Nami ML

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