About Us

Wit Ventures empowers rapid-growth companies and venture-backed startups to hire world-class executives and engineers who go on to become linchpins of their organization.
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Our Values

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Great Relationships First

We’re driven by connection: not commissions. Over the years, we have invested in building strong relationships with tech professionals & innovative companies so we can develop talented teams that last.

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Always Add Value

We reject one-size-fits-all solutions. We take the time to understand both our clients’ needs and our candidates’ long-term career goals so we can connect rapid-growth companies with the talent they need to scale and succeed.

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Ignite Passion

As a small, agile team, we are continuously inspired by the passion of our startup clients. That’s why we’re committed to fanning the flames of that passion and doing whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals.

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Wit Ventures is the one firm I always come back to as I change roles. Their deep connection with talent and companies has always resulted in finding really strong talent.

— Alejandro Cantarero, CTO, Nami ML

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Recruiting done right

Our Mission

At Wit Ventures, we are committed to reversing the trend of high-volume, low-return recruiting tactics. We do this by building client and candidate relationships founded on trust, communication, and mutual respect. Based upon this sturdy foundation, we work tirelessly to understand our client’s needs, goals, and company culture so we can match them with candidates who will become integral members (and leaders) of their teams.

What sets us apart

Our Secret Sauce

Our comfort-zone is fixing your biggest headaches. We understand the intricacies of the most complex technical positions and processes within your hiring pipeline. This deep knowledge of challenging roles and troublesome speed bumps allows us to rapidly solve problems as either a contingency or embedded resource.

  • Contingency: Exceptional knowledge of Data Sci, DevOps, Software Engineering, Product Mgmt, & DevOps/Technical Leadership
  • Embedded: Applicant tracking systems (ATS) setup & management, candidate screening, & admin streamlining

These are the roles and situations that we have seen our clients struggle with time and again. Where other recruiting firms lack the depth of understanding to support you, we are extremely fast to respond to your input and shifting circumstances. So we can offer the best custom solution tailored to your exact needs.

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Our team

Our team draws on our deep knowledge of technical skills and industry standards, as well as our extensive personal networks, to place the most qualified candidates in the most challenging engineering and leadership roles.

Matt deWit
CEO / Founder
After a stint as a corporate drone, followed by work for shady recruiting firms, Matt pursued his vision to create a company built on honesty and integrity. Since 2011, he’s focused on building relationships that span both years and jobs, confirming the ethos that deeper connection trumps short-term returns. As the company grows, Matt finds himself spending more time mentoring and developing talent who share the same values.
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When he’s not putting out fires... let's be real – he's never not putting out fires... but in his scant free time, he's adventuring with his pitbull Maya and reading pulpy fiction.

Lindsey Tan
Director of Operations
Lindsey joined the 2-person (+ 1 dog) team in 2015 to become one of WV’s founding members. Lindsey’s at her happiest when secretly deconstructing a decent system and mad-scientist-ing it back together into a seamless (and kinda scary) tool that fixes problems we didn’t even know we had.
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When she’s not nerding out on spreadsheets, Lindsey enjoys reading fantasy novels, hiking, and finding the closest body of water to jump into. Her most recent challenge is trying to figure out how to get her cat, Neferkitti, to join in on said hiking/water adventures.

Carolina Rodriguez
Director, Embedded Recruiting
Carolina joined the WV team in 2019, bringing along with her the exceptional organizational skills that set our embedded recruiting team apart. She has made our embedded services so seamless that most of our clients are shocked when they learn she’s not one of their own employees. (You can’t poach her, everyone has tried).
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Outside of work, Carolina puts these match-making skills to use with her 501c3 nonprofit, rescuing and rehoming dogs from shelters. She's the self-proclaimed Fairy Dog Mother of all of LA’s dogs. (Your dog is now her dog too.)

Sabrina Urias
Sr. Technical Recruiter
With a B.A. in Neuropsychology & HR/Recruitment, Sabrina is fascinated by what makes people tick. Ever since she joined us in 2019, Sabrina’s innate curiosity and go-getter attitude have driven her to understand candidates’ personal & professional goals inside and out, so she can place them in roles where they will grow for years to come.
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Currently, Sabrina gets her most sage professional advice from her puppy, Jodeci. And as our only East Coaster, she keeps the Cali team grounded with her Brooklyn accent and friendly PSAs reminding us that public transportation still exists.

Andrew Mariano
Technical Recruiter
Andrew joined WV in 2020. Since joining, he loves getting to know diverse candidates and hearing about their ideal situations so he can better serve their professional goals. Andrew uses his introvert strengths to actually listen and understand candidates and roles, a huge advantage in a team of people who rarely stop talking.
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When he’s not at work, Andrew enjoys snowboarding and traveling, and coaches imaginary football & basketball teams 7 months out of the year.

Melody Lam
Melody joined us in 2021, pivoting from a sales role with Live Nation. At Wit Ventures, she’s applying her versatile skill set as one of our only “ambidextrous” recruiters, supporting both embedded clients and contingency searches.
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In her free time, Melody makes ample use of her threefold citizenships in Midgard, Tatooine, and Gondor by going wakeboarding in Mon Cala, building computers at Stark Enterprises, and exploring the hot new restaurant scene in Hobbiton.

Andre Anderson
Technical Recruiter
Our newest member of the Contingency Team, Andre joined WV in 2022, bringing with him extensive prior experience as a talent acquisition specialist. Andre is currently applying his insane motivation to make a play for our firm’s World Record: fastest time from new hire to recruiting savant.
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As a former semi-professional cricket player, Andre covers a ton of bases we didn’t even know we had. Ever the over-achiever, Andre started flying at 16 years old. No, not like Thor (at least, as far as we know); in his free time, Andre flies a Cessna 172.

Virginia Paulo
Recruiting Coordinator
Virginia joined Wit Ventures in 2019, but it’s hard to remember how we survived without her. She has a superhuman ability to simultaneously manage dozens of clients and candidates, all with different rules and platforms.
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We’re convinced that she’s a professional juggler or an octopus in disguise. Apart from creating order out of chaos, she has dabbled (successfully) in recruiting and is learning graphic design on the side. Outside of work, Virginia is training to master cooking various world cuisines and amassing an Insta following to dwarf Kylie Jenner's.

Antonio Paulo
Recruiting Assistant
Antonio joined us in 2021, bringing his strong work ethic, can-do attitude, and 5 years of recruiting experience to the team. Since switching to tech, he’s grown obsessed with finding perfect candidates for highly complex jobs like DevOps.
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When he’s not racing to find candidates for our open jobs, he’s racing the streets on his motorbike, and treating his home appliances like a grown-up Lego set – taking apart his car, computer, fridge, anything he can get his hands and problem-solving mind on.

Sal Barillas
Recruiting Assistant
Sal first joined WV in 2021 as an NPC. Since then, his keen eye for systems, passion for gaining tech literacy, and commitment to implementing productivity improvements behind the scenes have earned him the title of Recruiting Assistant.
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He spends his spare time moonlighting as a Doctoral Candidate, lecturing people on how to deprogram their brains from the main server so they can move their bodies properly and lift very heavy objects. (He prefers to call himself a “kinesiologist” and “weightlifting coach”). He’s advanced to level 60 solely from killing hundreds of 3D boars in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Bonny Tabaniag
Recruiting Assistant
Bonny is the newest member of our Embedded team, joining WV in 2022, but has been in the HR/recruiting industry since 2017. Her favorite aspect of recruiting is seeing candidates grow with her over the long term. Since joining us, Bonny has added an extra dose of friendly workaholic team; like that fourth espresso before noon, she’s just what we needed.
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When she’s not working, she loves getting some solid R&R at the spa and spending time with her dog, Yuki.

Chief Distraction Officer
Maya’s first order of business as Wit’s second employee was to promote herself to a C-level role. She is highly skilled at locating squirrels and memorizing hooman and toy names.
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Today, Maya tirelessly supports the WV team by distracting them from their fake work – that is, anything that does not involve giving pets and attention to this #girlboss.

Angel, Bubba & Hopper
Board of Husk-ees
Angel, Bubba and Hopper are the leading members of WV’s Board of Husk-ees. Between the 3 of them, they are fluent in bark, woof, and arrrooooo. Highly skilled at hoovering kibble, they’ve each earned their Hungry Hungry Huskies Certifications.
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When they’re not pulling Johnny around the neighborhood, they enjoy circling three times to find the perfect spot on the couch, cuddling, and getting up to leave husky-shaped piles of fur in their place.

Sabrina’s Direct Supervisor
Jodeci was brought on to support (ahem, oversee) Sabrina’s work. With his ability to walk on two legs, he’s more than qualified for the job.
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A few facts about him: he definitely has a voice just like the R&B group, and can Jedi mind-trick any stranger walking down the streets of NY into petting him.